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HAGI Index reports over 9% annual growth in rare and classic car index in 2016

Saturday 14th January 2017
The well respected Historic Automobile Group International, an independent investment research house and think-tank specialising in values within the rare classic motorcar sector, have reported an annual rise in excess of 9% year on year to the end of December 2016 in it's HAGI Top Index.

HAGI monitor transactions of 50 top collector models across 19 marques to compile this index, tracking the supply and demand value in the collector car market. In the past calendar year their index rose from 317.38 to 346.95. So despite unprecedented times in the financial and political world both in the UK and Internationally, the market remains strong and with good quality collector vehicles proving very hard to find, it appears growth shows no sign of stopping.

Whilst we are not financial advisors, we believe the classic car market is a safe and secure place to invest and your asset is also something you can truly cherish and enjoy. In most cases any appreciation is also tax free, but you are probably best speaking to your accountant about that!

For more information or to subscribe the the invaluable HAG Index clicking here

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