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Alfa Romeo - What the future holds

Thursday 27th November 2014
Owners of the Alfa Romeo brand, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), have announced they plan to bring eight new Alfa Romeos models to production by 2018 – backed by a $6.5-billion investment in the marque, it is an impressive aim.

For some time now America has been deprived of sporty and historic Alfa Romeo cars, but that is about to change - with the imminent relaunch of the brand in North America, announced by FCA chief Reid Bigland at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show. He also confirmed the multi billion dollar investment to relaunch the brand globally with ambitious sales forecasts planned. The first shipment of the Alfa Romeo 4Cs, recently sent to the United States will be the first Alfa Romeos sold in the U.S. market since 1996.

FCA announced in May that Alfa sales would increase to 400,000 vehicles, a five fold increase, by 2018, and that North American sales would go from nearly zero to 150,000. Alfa plans to introduce eight new models by 2018. It is to become one of FCA's biggest global brands. About 82 Fiat or Maserati dealers will initially sell the Alfa 4C in the United States, along with two in Canada. The sales outlets will increase to a total of 120 by the first quarter, and 200 by the end of 2015.

The next new Alfa is still set for a debut on June 24, 2015, just in time to celebrate Alfa's 105th anniversary. The launch event will coincide with the re-opening of Alfa's Milan, Italy museum which has been shuttered since 2012. nobody knows what the new Alfa model will be, but the car will be sold all over the world, including the U.S. It is rumoured that the new model will be an Alfa Spider successor based on the all-new Mazda Miata. If they are to rebuild the brand it would be a good place to start as, in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Spider was responsible for at least half of the brand's U.S. sales, and was extremely popular worldwide. It is suspected that more information will be released at the Detroit auto show in January. 2.

Building so many new models in a short period of time takes engineering know-how. Alfa says that a core team of 600 engineers (soon to be expanded to nearly 1000) are employed to design next generation of Alfa Romeos, including some people from the Ferrari and Maserati divisions.

With so much history and pride behind the Alfa Romeo badge it is obvious FCA understands the passion owners have for their cars and the heritage. With their plans and financial backing we believe the status of the Alfa marque will be catapulted to it's rightful position and create great demand for their beautiful cars going back decades. We look forward to witnessing the progress.

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