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Year: 1964
Mileage: 22850
Transmission: 5 speed Manual
Configuration: RHD


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This exceptional factory RHD Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider was registered new in the UK on 27th February 1964. This Spider is the 20th of just 103 RHD cars built by Alfa Romeo and Carrozzeria Touring of Milan.

It is understood that the first owner of this Spider was a racing driver who purchased it for his wife who found it a bit too heavy to drive. As a result it remained virtually unused until it changed hands in 1980. The MOT certificate on file at the time documents an odometer reading of just 98 miles.

Car collector and rally driver John Rondeau later purchased it on 11th April 1994 from the Sotheby's sale at RAF Hendon. As the MOTs of file show he used the car sparingly until 2009 when he sold it to a Hampshire based enthusiast who commenced a cosmetic restoration of the car as the paint was showing signs of age, cracking in several places. Unfortunately after having the bodywork prepared and painted he fell into poor health and decided to sell the Spider as a project to complete.

The history file contains original copies of all MOTs issued from 1980 through to 2009 when the car was taken off of the road for cosmetic restoration. The last MOT issued prior to restoration states an odometer reading of just 22,384 miles.

The last owner had been looking for a RHD 2600 Spider or a Maserati 3500GT for some time, so on seeing AR852020 advertised he quickly agreed to view it and a sale was concluded. Following the purchase he decided, rather than just reassemble the car, to commence a full methodical restoration to his own exacting standards. This includied re stripping the body and finishing it in Blu Sera Metallizzato. In addition to the body, the interior was completely retrimmed in tan leather, all aspects of works were carried out to a very high level of detail. Sadly as the car was nearing completion at the end of 2016 he suffered a life changing health problem and contacted Southwood with a heavy heart. After inspection we agreed to purchase the Spider from him.

With the odometer reading 22,800 miles and much history to suggest this is correct, the engine had not been rebuilt. As all other aspects of the car was of such a high standard we decided to remove, inspect and rebuild the engine to ensure the car was as good as it can be. On dismantling the engine it became apparent that the engine had never been previously taken apart and all of it's components were of original specification with minimal wear, the crankshaft was near perfect. We have carried out a full overhaul with new pistons, liners, bearings and chains throughout. The cylinder head has also been overhauled with new-hardened valves, guides and springs. The triple Weber carburettors have been stripped and overhauled, as have the water pump, steering box and idler. The car has just been returned to our showrooms and is being gently run in on dry days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to arrange to view.
Main photograph for Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider Factory

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